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October 23, 2012
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ACD- Njal Apelgard by SilvesterVitale ACD- Njal Apelgard by SilvesterVitale


Edit: Awyeah! Major update!

Forgive me, but my english is not perfect :meow: 

▫ Name: Njal Apelgård ("å" is pronounced like "a" in "all")
▫ Age: 28
▫ Gender: Male
▫ Height: 196 cm
▫ Date of birth: 21st of October
▫ Birthplace: Brunnbäck, Sweden
▫ Ethnicity: Swedish
▫ Occupation: Blacksmith
▫ Rank: Cavaliere
▫ Stats: 
HP: 29 (+25)
STR: 21 (+15)
DEF: 47 (+43)
DEX: 36 (+34)
AGI: 36 (+32)

▫ Likes: 
Astrid: His beloved fiancée for whom he betrayed the assassins for.

Homeland: The thought of his homeland makes him feel at ease but it also gives him a melancholic feeling. He longs for his family home in Sweden, his parents and his three siblings. He still has contact with them through letters.

Heinrike: Heinrike was one of Njal’s mistresses but is now a close friend, somebody he goes to when he got a lot on his mind. She is also the first woman he went to bed with. Unfortunatly, Heinrike has had a hard time accepting his betrayal.

Pancakes: Or “pannkakor” as Njal would say in Swedish. Pancakes are also the only food Njal is capable of cooking well. That’s probably why he almost always comes around Heinrike’s place at dinnertime; you can’t eat pancakes every day you know, even if you want to =D

▫ Dislikes: 

Rainy days: Simply because they sucks.

Wasps: Nasty insects can stay away.

Timide Timido: A pet name Heinrike gave him because he used to be so shy, something grew out of pretty soon after he was brought into the brotherhood.

▫ Personality: Let’s call him shamelessly charming, the perfect ingredients to make women flutter with their eyelashes and fall into your arms like ripe fruit. Njal is a somewhat goofy guy, but also emotionlessly serious in more solemn situations. Despite his often goofy and joyful behavior Njal’s got a short way to anger. Sometimes he hides his emotional self behind that always joyful face of his making it difficult to read him, in short words he got quite a poker face. He used to be pretty shy when he came to Italy due to differences in language and the fact that he was all alone in a foreign land. Though, nowadays I doubt that he even know what “shy” means, because now he is anything but shy, rather shameless. 

▫ Biography: Njal was born into a farmer family in the middle of sweden, in the southern part of the region dalarna. . The family consisted of his mother, father and three siblings, an older brother and two younger sisters. It was a regular family on the Swedish countryside.
Njal was 15 years old when he accidently killed another boy in the same age. The two didn’t like each other and were often into fights. This time it ended badly. As he had passed the age of 15 he was of age and thus was punished with exile by the law. He fled the land and traveled through Germany and continued south till he found himself crossing the Alps to get to Italy. As a young and lonely traveler it wasn’t easy to cross the mountains and the cold nearly finished him and would have if he had not been saved by a stranger. The stranger took Njal to the nearest monastery to get healthcare as he was barely alive. When Njal woke up and was healthy enough to actually be aware of things in his surrounding, his savior had left a long time ago. Njal however, who did not have a home and neither a family anymore stayed at the monastery to become a monk and seek forgiveness for what he’d done back home.

Four peaceful years followed and Njal started to get used to the simple life as a monk when the second turning point in his life were about to begin. He was at the market collecting alms when two city guards caught his attention. They were harassing a young man, a gypsy, probably because of stealing and they were about to cut his left hand off, because his right was already gone. Njal shouldn’t have cared about it, but the action was not rightful and thus he tried to stop the guards from what they were about to do. Though, the guards would not listen to a young monk. Njal pushed the guard letting the gypsy to escape. Of course the guards got furious. They claimed Njal to take the punishment instead. Afraid of losing his hand Njal grabbed a dagger in the guard’s belt and stroke him down. In his escape a rider went after him and when Njal peeked over his shoulder a cold blade crossed his face, split his nose bridge horizontally. Stunned by the pain Njal tumbled to the ground unaware of what was happening. The next thing he knew he was back at the monastery and that somebody was stitching up his face.

Njal was lucky that the abbot in the monastery was an ally to a secret organization, a brotherhood of assassins. It was one of these assassins’ that had saved Njal’s life and brought him back to the monastery and informed the abbot about the situation. It took two weeks before Njal was actually able to breathe through his nose again as the nose cavities had been cut, swollen and filled with gore. It was at this time that the abbot called for him. He had concerns that Njal might not suit as a monk after all as he had killed the guard he stabbed, but perhaps as a good addition for the assassins. 

Njal served the order of assassins for about 6 years before he met a familiar face in church. He had met her before, Astrid, the Swedish nun he had grown fond of during the years. They had not met for a very long time when they finally met again realizing both had broken their vows to God. He placed a flower in her hair as a sign of affection, though, Astrid was already engaged and pregnant by that time which made Njal awfully disappointed and just couldn't help but growing fanatical with his increasing love for the ex-nun. It even went as far as him breaking into Astrid's father’s (Templar master Hemming Gadh) home to try out negotiating with the man for the daughter's hand. Hemming tried to fool him but apparently changed his mind as he later promised Njal to give him his daughter's hand if he betrayed the assassins and told him everything he wanted to know about them. Njal obeyed and did what was asked of him and in return Hemming kept his word. Soon after, Astrid suffered from pre-eclampsia and lost her child. Njal didn’t leave her side even once before she got better and he supported her in her sorrow. But just three weeks later Njal was sent to Florence to help the templars to secure a den. Before leaving Astrid gave him a bible in which she had kept the flower he had given her that day after church and she told him that it might bring him luck and lead him back home to her again in safety.

Whether it was the flower or God’s will, Njal helped the Templars to victory and could then return home unharmed.

(more might be added)

▫ Additional info: 
Language: Njal’s mother tongue is Swedish but he was taught Italian in the monastery and now speaks it fluently. He can also speak and read Latin pretty well. 
Teaser: He can be a real teaser and he loves it.
Drunk: As a drunk, Njal is over joyful and is flirting with everything that moves.

▫ Equipment: Hidden blade, rapier, Wheellock rifle, Knightly Vestments, Flag of Firenze
▫ Storage: Bow, Crossbow

Total Florins: 74 400f
Current Florins: 1 850f

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Kinecelefan Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Great character! He would probably get on with my character, were they to run into each other casually, without visible allegiances >U<
astro-slime Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your English is amazing!~ Most native speakers cant write as well as you can.

he is so cute!! i love his pose and that smile!!! >W<

nghhh your art man...*kisses your beautiful feet* you are Godly....
SilvesterVitale Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Student General Artist
:iconasdfghplz: thank you <3
Avahollic Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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SilvesterVitale Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student General Artist
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DarlBrightspell Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Even though he turned to the dark side, how can you say no to that face? ^.^
Love your art and your stories as always :)
Kazuyalord Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DARK SIDE??!!! You're the one in the dark side, Assassin.
DarlBrightspell Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Pftt... Nothing is true, Templar. EVERYTHING is premmited.
Kazuyalord Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, except you guys don't even follow that creed. Nothing is true.. Right, except we're evil and you're good and serve the light. Everything is permitted - except compromising the brotherhood, changing alliances, killing civilians, thinking for yourself,...

Damn, we're better at following your creed than you people are!
DarlBrightspell Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Damn, for a Templar, you seem to know awfully alot about the Creed. :P
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